About Karkicpa

Karki CPA LLC, an accounting and CPA firm in Frisco, TX, was founded in 2007. Firm’s approach is to work with businesses and individuals throughout the year, not just at tax time and enable you to plan for the future. Meeting with clients throughout the year provides an opportunity to discuss, plan, and make decisions proactively. The firm works as your advocate to explore methods for increasing revenue and decreasing expenses, routinely providing sound advice and effective recommendations, in addition to providing traditional financial statements.

Bhim B. Karki, CPA – founder and principal draws on vast array of experience in financial, tax and consulting services. His expertise spans tax planning, tax accounting, accounting systems, budgeting, strategic planning, supply chain planning, internal controls, profitability planning and productivity planning. He has many years of experience in developing, standardizing and implementing accounting models.

Prior to forming Karki CPA LLC, Bhim served at various financial managerial and analytical capacities at Pepsi, McAfee, Dean Foods and Borden USA. Karki CPA LLC focuses on businesses looking for financial and business services partner to take their company to the next level of profitability. Karki CPA LLC provides timely inputs for business partners to determine whether the business is on track, or headed in the right direction.

Choosing a CPA firm is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner. We specialize in financial and tax solutions for large and small businesses.